Treatments for Your Smile: Mouth Guards

To help prevent a plethora of risks that can arise due to oral accidents and injuries, it is always a good idea to seek out oral appliances that can provide an additional level of protection. This can include safety equipment such as mouth guards. Three common types of mouth guards are custom-made guards, boil-and-bite guards and stock guards.

Custom-made guards are fashioned for your exact dental profile by your dentist. Because they contour to your dental profile, these are considered the safest and most effective forms. Boil-and-bite mouth guards are created by biting into them after soaking them in hot water, so they can contour to your exact dental impression. For mouth guards that come ready to wear, seek out preformed stock guards at local stores.

When you have determined which form of mouth guard will work best for you, continue to care for it properly. If you ever notice signs of wear or damage, bring it into your dentist for a repair or replacement. To keep it free of contamination, always make sure you soak it in cool, soapy water. Furthermore, never leave your mouth guard sitting out in the sun or in hot water. Also, avoid family pets and other risk factors that can easily damage your guard when you are not looking.

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